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The manuscript

Why hello readers of The Daily Anal, as per usual, long time no see.  And while we recognize we’ve entered a pattern of telling you why were not around, we figure this is a reasonable way to maintain a relationship.  Now that we’re done masquerading as your father, let’s get to business.

There are simply just not enough hands to type all the words you’d like us to type.  In fact, there are so many other words to type, in fact, that the anal armies are just fucking busy.  But not aimlessly busy, no, busy doing things more important than delivering the news (not that the state of the world has changed in a long time anyway).  Flowing like Parkinson’s, the words have found their way into a manuscript.

A manuscript?  What’s a manuscript anyway?  A fancy word for: “a quickly written, unfinished, poorly thought out series of words that attempts to convey a portion or whole of some story yet still sounds like a complete body of work.”  

An important concept in the world of books.  They take absolutely forever to write (unless you are not I).  The fact that something in a manuscript makes it ‘reviewable’ within the constraints of well, a manuscript.  If only unfinished music could garner similar feedback (in music, people just tell you that it doesn’t sound done, but in writing… you can suck all over the page and people hug you; god I could use a hug (… and a tug)).

What’s this manuscript about?  That’s not important.  The important part is, it’s done and here we are with spare words, back to ramble about nothing.

And tugs.