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Pancakes and Anal

Today is Tuesday, and with Tuesday’s come pancakes.  This is the way of the world; it has been this way a long time.  And while there may be less time for anal in Trump’s great universe, the fact of the matter is, there will always be time… for anal.  In very much the same that there will always be time for pancakes.

This is a provable point too, this notion of always.  For example, can people always eat pancakes?  Yes, their entire lives in fact.  But, what if they develop health problems and need a special diet?  Fear not, muggles, Pancakes will always find a way.

  • Gluten free?  Potato pancakes!
  • Need help pooping?  Banana pancakes!
  • Racist and lacking culture?  Crepes are pancakes too!
  • Are you sad, lonely, and pathetic?  Chocolate pancakes

We’ve even got pancakes for alcoholics, passive aggressive assholes, and angry little printer gnomes.  Pancakes, for every situation; for every kind of person.

And we think you can all see where we’re going with this.  Needs us to spell it out for you?  Well, if you’re excited about taco trucks on every corner just imagine the never ending applications of… sodomy.